Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apple iPad Worldwide availability

The iPad availability Europe situation is not good as it stands at the middle of April. There was recently an announcement from Apple to say that they were not going to supply iPads to Europe for another month. The release date for the iPad for the UK, Germany, France Spain and some other European countries will not be until the end of May, with a pre-order date of 10th of May.

Apple should at the very least had plans to be able to ramp up production faster if needed and as the problem stands now they should have made sure that European iPad developers could get an iPad because they need the physical device to get the apps ready and working right.

Of course it is not just in Europe the iPad is not getting out the rest of the world either. Apple are bound to look after the most vocal customer base first and there local customers as in U.S. citizens. So much for there being a World Wide market now, when Apple looks after one section of its customers before the rest.

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